Got a question about placing an order?

Need help uploading your project or placing your order?  Here's a list of commonly asked questions on that topic! Have a browse, you might just find the answer you are looking for.

If you have a specific technical issue please contact Tech Support

I'm still using StoryBook Creator. How do I upload my finished project to myStory for printing?

You can upload your SBC projects to myStory for printing via our free software myStory Designer. It's so easy!

My book was uploading but it seems to have stopped. Why?

If the upload starts okay but stops before it has completed, generally the cause is an interruption of the transmission or a very slow connection. Successful transmission of the book file relies on various factors, most of which are out of our control, but if our server stops receiving data the connection will close.

Here’s a few things that you can try:

  1. If you are uploading via a wireless connection try connecting by cable instead. Or move the computer closer to the wireless access point. 
  2. If using a laptop make sure the power adapter is connected and that any power settings for sleep / hibernate are disabled. 
  3. Try restarting your PC prior to uploading and only start myStory Designer. 
  4. Try uploading at different times of the day, when general internet traffic may be lighter (e.g. early morning).

I’m using Forever’s Artisan software, can I print my book with myStory?

If you are located in Australia or New Zealand your Artisan 4 projects can be uploaded to myStory for printing however you will need our software myStory Designer on your computer to do the upload. Artisan cannot be configured to upload directly to myStory.

Additionally, project options/specs may vary slightly between each print provider and your project must be compatible with printed products offered by myStory, so we recommend that any project you plan to print with us also be created in myStory Designer.

Unfortunately Artisan 5 uses a different file type for projects which is not compatible with myStory Designer. This means that while projects created in Artisan 4 can be opened in myStory Designer for uploading to us, those created in Artisan 5 cannot.

How do I order two books on the one order?

It isn’t possible to order two different projects on the same order, only multiple copies of the same. It is actually the production process that cannot combine two different projects through assembly and packaging, and while we do hope to find a way around this at some stage, at the moment this is the way it has to be.