Are you still using StoryBook Creator?

If you are a keen digital scrapbooker who has been using Storybook Creator software and you really want to:

A. print existing projects,

B. continue to create and print new projects,

C. use your existing digital content, or

D. all of the above

we have great news for you!


Simply download our free software, myStory Designer, and you'll be well on your way!

Tips for making the switch!

Migrating existing digital content and projects to myStory Designer

The first time you open myStory Designer the software will recognise SBC digital content packages and existing SBC projects on your computer and prompt you to migrate them. This will add the folder containing your SBC packages to the content library in myStory Designer and copy across all the activation codes (so long as you've installed myStory Designer on the same computer that is/was running SBC). It also adds your SBC projects to the recent projects list on the Welcome page of myStory Designer, making it so easy for you to continue working on your projects.

Migrating SBC content doesn't change anything in SBC, and it's perfectly ok if you want to run both programs on the same computer.

Eliminate the white barcode rectangle from existing projects

Previously all book projects printed from StoryBook Creator included a white rectangle as a place to overlay a barcode on the bottom right corner of the back cover. The barcode is not included in the myStory print process, so you’ll need to update the project types stored on your computer to remove the white rectangle from the back cover of your existing and book projects, before you upload for printing. This can be done in two easy steps and should only take a few seconds:

  1. Open myStory Designer and click Create a new project,
  2. Select New Project, you will see the application run through the project type update. Then you can simply cancel the new project.

That’s it! Now you are ready to roll!

Importing photos from Memory Manager software

If you use Memory Manager software for your photo organisation, you can easily export photos from MM directly to an open project in myStory Designer!

Simply add the photos you wish to use in your project to the 'Work Area' in MM. Then click Share and Share to StoryBook Creator. MM will recognise your open myStory Designer project, just as it does your SBC projects, and give you the option to choose this as the export destination.

Too easy!