myStory Referral Program

myStory offers exciting referral benefits to all customers.  Benefits consist of product discounts, as well as credits that can be earned (until 31 December 2016) and applied to any myStory order. In case you missed it, the myStory Friends Referral Program is outlined here... but below are the rest of the bits we need to tell you about.

The boring (but important) bits...

  • A customer who joins myStory independent of a referral (and doesn't refer any new members) will pay full RRP for all myStory products, except where discounted offers are available.
  • Participation in the myStory referral program is optional and myStory reserves the right to modify or update the program at any time.
  • myStory customers have the ability to change their referrer and may choose to leave a referral group at any time.
  • Discounts and credits do not apply to postage & handling.
  • Unused Credit will expire 6 months from the date it was earned or 31 March 2017, whichever comes first.
  • Your 'Referral Group' is the people you personally referred to myStory who joined accepting you as their referring member.
  • myStory will send an email to the people you refer on your behalf inviting them to register with myStory. People you refer will have the option to become part of your Referral Group by quoting your email address. 
  • Heavily discounted product specials may be exempt from referral benefits. We promise we'll let you know whenever this is applicable.
  • Some products may be excluded from the referral benefits program. We promise to include this information on the product information page of our website where applicable.
  • Only 'StoryTellers' are eligible to 'cash out' Credits and only when Credit balance is over $100. Cash out must be requested in any month to be paid at the end of that month.