myStory Friends

myStory offers more than just awesome digital scrapbooking software and the finest quality printed products. Our service is fast, friendly and very efficient, and our priority is to help you to turn your digital scrapbooking projects into beautiful printed masterpieces that you can show off to all of your friends, family members, random acquaintances...  anyone who'll look, really.

The team at myStory are 100% committed to making your experience with myStory one that you will be keen to share with everyone who'll listen, and we have a rewarding myStory Friends referral program that offers discounts when you do exactly that!

myStory Friends Discount

Did you know you that as a myStory Friend you can qualify for at least 10% discount on your orders?

If you joined myStory because you were referred by another member or you have referred someone yourself and they have joined myStory then you will automatically become a myStory Friend and receive a minimum 10% discount off the myStory RRP of your orders (some exclusions may apply).

It's that easy! 

When you're a myStory Friend, you'll never pay full RRP for your Photo Books again. Pretty good, huh?

myStory Credits

Until the end of 2016 myStory Friends had the opportunity to earn Credits that could be used as payment (in part or full) towards an order. Effective 1 January 2017 myStory Credits are no longer a part of the referral program.  Any credits earned prior to 1 January may be used any time on any myStory order until the expiration date. You can check your accrued credits, including the expiration date, in myStory Corner/Referral Benefits. (you'll need to log in first though)

Of course with any program such as this one there is going to be some rather boring but pretty important info for you to read. Check out the 'ins and outs' of the myStory Friends Referral Program right here...